Connexed FAQ

Q. What cameras work with Connexed Surveillance System (CSS)?
A. CSS works with all popular network cameras. Network cameras from Axis©, Panasonic©, and Sony© are supported and more are being added all the time.

Q. Where can I get cameras to go with my CSS account?
A. Your local Connexed reseller can sell you the cameras, or if you are buying direct from Connexed we can sell you the cameras. Any cameras bought from Connexed will be sold at MSRP and will be shipped to you preconfigured for your installation.

Q. Do I need to know how to configure the cameras or the Connexed Appliance?
A. You do not need to configure anything. At the time of your account activation, a Connexed representative will work with you over the phone to make sure your networking gear is properly configured and the Connexed Appliance will ship pre-configured to work at your location.

Q. What if I lose my broadband connection, will my files be lost?
A. No. The Connexed Appliance will store your files until the broadband connection returns.

Q. What about this Connexed Appliance, will I need to support another device?
A. Unlike a traditional DVR or NVR, the Connexed Appliance is a box with no mouse or keyboard. It is maintained completely by Connexed, we automatically handle everything from OS updates, to security patches, to application updates. We even notify you automatically by e-mail if the Connexed Appliance, or any of its cameras, go down.

Q. What if I already have a DVR-based system?
A. As long as you have Connexed supported network cameras, the Connexed system can work in parallel with your DVR giving you the ultimate in video surveillance security - onsite recordings on your DVR and offsite recordings stored safely at Connexed.

Q. What if I have an older system with analog cameras?
A. With the addition of a device called a"video server" your old analog cameras will work with the Connexed service. If you buy your video server direct from Connexed then it, along with your Connexed Appliance, will ship preconfigured to drop into your network.

Q. What if I need help with network cabling or configuring my network or other onsite help?
A. If Connexed can't help you over the phone then we will dispatch a local technical representative to your location at competitive local rates. We will then work with the technician to make sure all your onsite needs are met.

Q. I'm a security company already selling cameras and DVR's. Does Connexed work with resellers?
A. Yes. Give us a call and tell us about your business, chances are that we'd like to sign you up.

Q. Is there evidence traceability in the system? How do you handle chain of evidence issues?
A. Connexed sets a new standard in the chain of evidence. First, the Connexed appliance stamps the time and date of the recording directly into the video. However, unlike an NVR or DVR, where someone could change the computer's time, the Connexed Appliance gets its time from an Internet time authority via NTP (Network Time Protocol) and this cannot be changed. Furthermore, when the file is uploaded to the Connexed system, the time of the recording and subsequent upload are stored in a database. An old fashioned DVR/NVR can do neither of these things.

Q. Can a user get remote real time look-ins?
A. Yes. The real time remote surveillance can be done two ways: An authorized user can log into the Connexed Surveillance System and view the recently stored clips not quite real time) or view the cameras live. Note that to view the cameras live, the cameras must have a presence outside the customer's firewall. Unlike a DVR or NVR system, however, the appliance itself never needs to have a presence outside the customer's firewall -- so network security is maintained.



Connexed stores the video data offsite, where it is safe from theft or tampering. This makes Connexed the most physically secure video solution in the world.


Unlike an old fashioned DVR or NVR, which has to be available on the web in order to view video from offsite, the Connexed Appliance accepts no inbound connections - so no holes in your firewall.


Connexed's back end can support 100,000's of locations and millions of cameras. You can keep adding locations and cameras without having to worry about storage or other equipment.


You view your recordings from Connexed's powerful servers on the Internet backbone. Other solutions make you wait for an overworked DVR to upload big files through a small upstream broadband connection.

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