Connexed Surveillance Service (CSS)

CSS Entry Page

Immediately after login to a CSS account users are presented with 3 choices:

  1. Go directly to Smart Monitor - CSS's console interface for real-time camera video viewing and camera management console.
  2. Go directly to Video Vault - CSS's hosted video storage access interface.
  3. Go directly to Account and User Administration.


Smart Monitor



View camera activity in real-time from Smart Monitor. Easily click the tile button at the top of the page to expand or contract the number of cameras you want to view simultaneously on the screen.



Video Vault

Recorded video is archived in CSS's searchable calendar format by camera. Easily toggle between cameras using the navigation bar. Blue bars clearly identify when there was motion and that the video is safely archived at Connexed. Select a single bar or multiple bars to queu one-time or looped playback or initiate vido download.



CSS Admin Screen

CSS allows you to define accounts through user, group and role distinctions.


Connexed stores the video data offsite, where it is safe from theft or tampering. This makes Connexed the most physically secure video solution in the world.


Unlike an old fashioned DVR or NVR, which has to be available on the web in order to view video from offsite, the Connexed Appliance accepts no inbound connections - so no holes in your firewall.


Connexed's back end can support 100,000's of locations and millions of cameras. You can keep adding locations and cameras without having to worry about storage or other equipment.


You view your recordings from Connexed's powerful servers on the Internet backbone. Other solutions make you wait for an overworked DVR to upload big files through a small upstream broadband connection.

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